Anytime Anywhere Exercises

Circuit Training At Home

Circuit training involves doing a mix of aerobic, resistance and flexibility exercises in quick succession to work the various muscle groups. It helps to improve your muscles and stretches them after about of exercise. There are modified exercises we can do at home.

For cardiovascular benefits, you can try vacuuming, or dancing in invigorating music. Or you can stimulate a boxing match by wrapping towels around your fists, and punching into a pillow held up by a partner.

For strength training or resistance exercises, fill up your water bottle with water or sand and do some bicep or tricep curls while watching television. Or, you can sit down and clamp a pillow between your ankles, lifting it up and down. This exercise is good for abdominal training.

To stretch your muscles, lie down in front of television, if you cannot miss the program you watch, with one leg straight and the other leg bent. Draw the knee of the bent leg close to your chest with the help of a towel wrapped around the calves. This is good for stretching your hamstrings.

Commuting to Work and at Home

Learn to activate your abdominals through sit-ups and crunches, so when you are on the trains or buses, you can lightly contract your abdominal muscles. The correct way is the reflex action of tightening your midsection when someone is about to punch you in the stomach.

Working with Computer

When you are working on the computer, twist your trunk to the sides slowly for eight to ten times. This movement increases mobility in your oblique, or side abdominal muscles.


When driving, keep the shoulder relaxed and at the same time, do deep abdominal breathing. With each exhalation, contract the abdominal muscles. This exercise prevents tight shoulders and a stiff neck.

If you force yourself doing something you don’t enjoy, you will probably end up not doing it again. So pick up those exercises you feel fun or easy and start doing them.