Essential Information About Travel Insurance

It is more than likely that you’ll experience a good deal of confusion when attempting to track down the best single trip travel insurance policy. You might be unsure of whether to use a comparison website or buy directly from a reputable company. You may also have trouble deciding whether to pay a little extra for extreme sports insurance. You’ll have a clearer idea of your options after reading this article.

Don’t Base the Decision Purely On Price

It is worth pointing out that the cheapest single trip travel insurance policies may not cover you against the great range of unexpected injuries and accidents that can occur; and a cheaper policy may not guarantee enough financial protection against cancelled flights or lost valuables, for example. Of course, you can minimise the price of cover by agreeing to a high level of excess; however this may mean that you are left with considerable financial problems should the worst happen.

Consider Multi Trip Insurance

If you are planning on taking a number of holidays throughout the year, it would be sensible to select an annual multi trip policy rather than single trip travel insurance. However, you should find out whether such a policy would protect you for the duration of extended foreign trips. It would also be a good idea to find out whether you’ll be covered during trips to UK destinations.

Insure Your Baggage

The items you take on holiday may well be covered under the terms of your home contents insurance, so you should check whether this is the case before handing across extra money to your chosen provider. It is also worth bearing in mind that companies are often sceptical about the reported loss of personal goods – so don’t try to scam the system!

Buy Cover For the Whole Family

Some specialist companies offer well priced single trip travel insurance for family groups. However, you are urged to read the small print before taking out this type of policy. Find out whether the cover extends to trips that your child may make with friends or school groups, and ask whether the policy guarantees financial protection against injuries sustained during family activities.

Opt For Exclusive Gadget Cover

Increasing numbers of people opt to travel with their expensive electrical devices these days. However, research has revealed that the average policy doesn’t include adequate cover for the loss or theft of such items. Thankfully it is possible to purchase specific gadget cover from specialist companies.

Buy Your Policy Online

You may well have heard about the great range of companies currently offering superb deals to online customers. They can provide you with everything from single trip travel insurance to UK holiday cover. You are encouraged to do some web-based research and secure the very best deal for your personal situation.

Worst-Case Scenarios – How Travel Insurance Can Help During Extreme Situations

The 21st century is a dream come true for travels. Gone are the days when only the very rich could afford to travel, and only if they had weeks or months to spare for the planning. In this day and age, no matter what corner of the globe you wish to explore or what you dream of doing once you arrive there, all you need is to pick up the phone or open your laptop and you’re on your way.

Advancements in transport technology, real-time communications, cooperation among airlines and travel-related service providers, and the advent of insurance policies for travel, whether multiple or single trip travel insurance, have ensured cheaper, safer, faster, and more comfortable travel in near-miraculous ways. It protects you from financial loss in the event of cancellations or property. More importantly, it gives you protection and a wider set of options in the event of real crises – such as natural disasters or medical emergencies. Listed below are some examples of extreme situations and worst-case scenarios and wherein a good policy can help.


Sudden illness is always worrying, more so if you are in a foreign country. Ideally, you would have done your research and gotten the necessary and recommended vaccinations – not to mention followed basic common sense such as drinking bottled water and wearing appropriate clothing for the climate. However, exposure to unfamiliar pathogens or unpredictable medical conditions such as appendicitis is always a possibility. Most health insurance policies only provide coverage in the country

where they are purchased, and one of the worst things that can happen during a sudden illness is to find that you do not have medical coverage; especially in less-developed countries, some hospitals will not treat people without health and medical cover. In the case of sudden illness, that single trip travel insurance policy you purchased can not only help you get immediate medical treatment, but cover the medical fees incurred during your stay in the hospital. Depending on your policy, it can also cover losses in the event that the illness requires you to cut your trip short.


Getting into legal entanglements in a foreign country can be a nightmare, so be sure to be very vigilant in following local laws, especially when driving or in public spaces. As with a sudden illness, a good policy is crucial in the event of an accident with regards to getting emergency medical treatment and covering the incurred medical fees. But more importantly, depending on your policy, it can help protect against liability in the event of injury or property damage.


With the advent of real-time news reporting and communications, getting caught in the middle of a terrorist attack is improbable if you have done your research. More than likely, a terrorist attack can affect your plans in that your home or destination country will issue travel bans or warnings, effectively cancelling your trip. A simple single trip travel insurance policy can protect you against financial loss in such an event. In the extremely unlikely event that you care caught up in an actual terrorist attack, an evacuation and repatriation clause or acts of terrorism clause in your single trip travel insurance will be imperative in getting you home safely as soon as possible – so if in doubt, do check the fine print.

Why You Need a Backpacker Trip Travel Insurance Policy

Loads of us every year decide to up move and par take on an adventure to the far side of the world. We all go for unique reasons, another culture, to put off working, to discover ourselves, etc. Whatever your own personal reason it is important that you first get the dull stuff out of the way. Be organized before you go away can go along way to ensuring you have a much more brilliant time away.

Something that is much ignored is backpacker travel holiday insurance, many people on vacation either don’t consider about it or chose not get any. In my judgment, for lots reasons, this is a horrible idea. Although lots of us do bother to look to ponder on the bad things, it is possible that you will walk into some kind of trouble on your holiday. Now, many people go away and return days or years later, having had a relaxing and trouble free stay. However, there are also those who unluckily encounter issues along the way. Having backpacker Travel Insurance Policy Cover gives you a safety net to fall back on when things go bad.

More often than not, as a backpacker your money will be limited and the small cash you do have, you will want to spend on funding one time experiences. Paying large amounts of money out to cover medical expenses or lost travel baggage is not featured in many travellers’ budgets. Take for instance, a friend of mine who recently had a skiing mishap and was told to shell out close to thousand pounds in medical charges, without backpacker Travel Insurance Policy this kind of expense would not be achievable for most of us. Is especially essential if you are planning on participating in high risk activities, you do not want to end up in a foreign a&e with no way of paying cash to get better!

As well as medical insurance cover, another all-important issue is the loss of personal possessions. Living with your whole life in a backpack for days on end means your personal belongings are to being lost or destroyed. Most travel insurance packages will repay, for lost or stolen personal belongings. You also need to get Travel Insurance Policy delays; the recent issue with the ash cloud of Europe and global warming has spotlighted the importance of travel insurance. backpacker travel holiday insurance