Considerations of Travel Insurance

We all know travellers all have one thing in common: a need or desire to explore new destinations. But from first-timer backpackers to business travellers to families or seasoned adventurers there is another common denominator: they’re all human and, as such, are at risk of the vagaries and foibles of this wonderful world. Accidents happen, luggage gets lost and flights get cancelled, but if you’re planning to embark on just one trip abroad during the year, a simple single trip travel insurance policy can guard against the financial woes of any of these things.

Don’t think you don’t need it

Many insurers offer single trip travel insurance and can tailor it to a two-day break in Paris, a conference in Europe, a trip to see family in far flung places, or for the annual family holiday in the Spanish sun. But it is just as essential and easy to tailor for winter sports trips to Europe during the ski periods, for example.

Knowing you have cover provides peace of mind and enables you to get on with your holiday; because it is just a single trip travel insurance policy, it is not only cheap, but very effective as well. It also covers the possessions you are taking on your trip.

Just how much will it cost?

For most people, single trip travel insurance policies can be bought for as low as £4.95 for travelling to Europe or just £8.67 for a trip to Majorca. The bonus is that even at such low prices, the policies can include several free aspects, such as cover for children, golf equipment, car hire excesses and for those going on cruises.
How do I choose?

Some of the best tips for seeking a good insurer for such a policy range from quality of service, speed of dealing with enquiries, ease of getting in touch with your insurer and the clarity of advice they provide.

For any policy, the general advice is always to read the small print and question any information you are in doubt before agreeing to the policy. A decent insurer will give clarity on any information a potential policy holder has queries about.

Good insurers will be available to the general public 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and will usually have a bank of employees who are fluent in the language of the country you are holidaying in.

Having an appropriate policy puts you in control when you have to confront a crisis, such as huge medical expenses. Check with your insurer for limits that apply to the cost of treatments and operations in hospitals abroad as well as the expenses for a stay.

Even taking a business trip abroad can be a big step if you are travelling alone, but taking out good coverage will give you peace of mind, which will enable you to conduct your business efficiently and with no worries.

For a family holiday a decent umbrella policy to cover the entire group is the best option, as it can cover all those unpredictable elements of a holiday your could encounter – whether it’s a traffic accident, a trip or fall at your hotel, or even a loss of luggage.