Useless Exercises

Sitting Abdominal Crunch Machine – I don’t know what the official name of this machine is, but it is at every health club. Any machine for whatever muscle group has a limited range of motion based on the design of the machine, and this one is no exception. You are not targeting the abdominal muscles effectively with this piece of equipment. Skip this machine and grab a mat. Doing floor exercises such as abdominal crunches, reverse crunches, or toe reaches, going in a slow and controlled manner, will be a better use of your time to get a flatter stomach.

Lat Pulldown Behind the Head – This isn’t a useless exercise done correctly. Studies have shown that if the exercise is performed pulling the bar behind your head, you could be doing damage to your rotator cuffs. You have to do it absolutely perfect to avoid that, which hardly anyone does. Pull the bar down in front of you and you will get the same benefit for your back, without potential damage to your shoulders.

Side Bends – My wife was complaining about her supposed love handles (my wife sees a different person in the mirror than I do, she is in great shape) and asked if she should do these. They don’t work! All it will do is build the muscle and push your bodyfat out further so that everybody can notice your love handles. That’s not what you want, RIGHT?? The obliques are small muscles and just a little stimulation can really develop them. To eliminate the extra fat around the obliques, watch your diet and burn off your bodyfat with aerobic work. Then utilize the abdominal exercises listed in the exercise above and they will indirectly work your obliques. This will be a far better approach to getting rid of those love handles then doing side bends.

Inner and Outer Thigh Machine – This is one of the most popular exercises for ladies trying to tone up those inner and outer thighs. The waiting line is a mile long for this machine, as women do hundreds of sets and repetitions to achieve the leaner leg. I can’t stand this machine. I wish I had invented it because I would be rich. What people don’t realize is that because of the design of this machine and limited range of motion, you are really only hitting a very small portion of the leg. You should perform lunges and/or squats and eliminate this exercise from your workout. You are much better off hitting your inner and outer thighs during those exercises, then spending the 15 minutes on this machine. Just because everybody is doing it, doesn’t mean it is right. Be brave and challenge yourself with squats and lunges and I guarantee you’ll love the results.

Russian Twists – This is the exercise where an individual is standing with a broomstick on his/her shoulders and the person twists side to side. As a warm-up, this might be alright, but as an exercise to reduce the love handles, no. It doesn’t do anything. See Side Bends to find out how to work the obliques better.

Make efficient and good use of your time when you work out and avoid these exercises like the plague. Use the alternatives that I suggest and get better results faster. These suggestions will ultimately get you to your final goal… A BETTER YOU!!


Pilates Exercises

Since Joseph Pilates developed the system, specialist fitness centers, coaches and teachers have become available throughout the United States and the developed world.

The system caters for all adult age groups, whether it using workouts that promote muscle building for athletes, body toning exercises to enhance that glamorous look, or training schedules that can correct the bad posture that leads to spinal and other related problems.

Irrespective of age and physical disabilities the practice of the appropriate Pilates exercise schedule can be life enhancing to those that are prepared to take the trouble to explore the variety of benefits and routines that are offered by the system and then act upon the most suitable for their circumstances.

These can vary between as little as fifteen minutes a day, perhaps to alleviate a painful back condition to a full scale regime to improve and enhance a sporting aspiration.

Pilates is not only a physical improvement system but also has an important psychological input.

Joseph Pilates believed that an individuals mental attitude to the fitness and development of the physical body was as important as the exercises and training to which it was subject. In other words having the right mental attitude to whatever you want to achieve with your body.

There are a number of inexpensive devices that will help with the Pilates experience but essentially the Pilates system is a •èhands on•è opportunity to improve those areas of the body that only you feel has the need to benefit.

Joseph Pilates, Born in Germany in 1880, was a fitness and exercise enthusiast who toned his body to a peak of physical condition. He was an accomplished skier, gymnast, diver, involved in martial arts and a trained nurse.

He worked in Britain as a boxer and circus artiste before the outbreak of war in 1914 and was interned for the duration with other prisoners of war on the Isle of Man.

He began to investigate ways to restore the survivors of the 1918 flu epidemic (that led to the death of more people than the Great War), to fitness and developed an exercise regime that could be carried out in an isolation area. A key item of Pilates equipment is based on a hospital bed.

After the war he trained Max Schmelling, the German world heavyweight boxing champion, and other boxers before emigrating to the US and opening a training workshop in New York in 1926. Of the 500 precise exercises that Pilates developed, perhaps the best known are those that have proved successful in alleviating spinal problems by correcting bad posture that leads to spinal misalignment.

Today exponents and practitioners have carried on developing exercise and fitness practices based upon Joseph Pilates’ philosophy and formula.

Explore the Pilates system, remember it has worked for countless others, if you have the dedication it will work for you, whatever your physical aspirations are there is a Pilates system that could benefit you.


  • Posture improvement
  • Alleviate back pain
  • Tone your body
  • Enhance your energy
  • Be fit and healthier
  • Get the body you’ve always wanted
  • Look younger


Aerobic Exercise and Health

Most of us now know that aerobic exercise is beneficial in many ways. Aerobic means “with oxygen,” and aerobic exercise trains the body to use oxygen more effectively. Aerobic exercise involves continuous movement of the large muscle groups that causes one’s heart rate to increase.

Regular aerobic exercise results in a more efficient heart. Oxygen travels through the blood, and a heart that can pump more blood with fewer beats per minute is a healthier heart. Exercising for twenty to sixty minutes (depending on your fitness level) per session is usually enough for most people to maintain heart health.

Regular aerobic exercise has shown to have a host of benefits in addition to improved cardiovascular health. It can help the body manage insulin more effectively, improve one’s overall outlook, and improve sleep, among many other positive side effects.

Aerobic exercise can also help maintain joint and bone strength, because weight-bearing exercises promote bone health. Benefits of a jump rope workout include its simple to do, easy to start and inexpensive to continue. When jump roping, you can easily reach your target heart rate. You don’t need a lot of space, and you can easily take a rope with you when you travel.

Aerobic Exercise and Injury

There are generally two types of aerobic exercise: low impact and high impact. Low impact exercises are those where one foot is always touching the ground. High impact exercises are those where the feet leave the ground, such as with jumping.

However, some benefits of a jump rope workout can also be seen as a potential area of risk. Because jump roping involves jumping, it is an ideal aerobic exercise because you can reach your target heart rate and increase your jumping speed as you improve your fitness level. However, jumping, particularly at a faster speed, also increases your chances of injury.

If you have joint problems, high impact exercise may not be the wise choice. Also, as you become fatigued when jumping, the chances of getting injured increases because fatigue can increase the chances of losing focus and tripping or twisting an ankle.

If you enjoy jumping rope, you’ll probably experiment with different styles of jumping as you become more skilled. These alterations can also increase your chances of tripping and getting injured.

Jump Smartly

If you decide that the benefits of a jump rope workout are worth the potential risks, consider these tips. First, as with all exercise programs, talk with your doctor. He or she can review your medical history and determine if high impact aerobics are a safe option for you. Once you are cleared to jump rope, choose a smart place. Choose the most “giving” surface as possible to jump on.

If you have access to a suspended wood floor, that’s a great option. If you must jump outdoors, avoid grass, as the variations in the ground may cause you to twist an ankle.

However, cement is one of the worst surfaces you can choose, because it is so hard. Your body will absorb all the impact. Pavement, while still hard, is a much better surface. Another option is to purchase a rubber exercise mat designed specifically for use with high-impact exercise.


Muscle Exercises

Let’s face it. Our eyes gravitate towards a flat and well toned abdominal region. We all want that elusive flat, firm and enviable look of ‘washboard abs’. The muscles of your abdominal region, and indeed the midsection aren’t isolated; they weave through your torso like a web of high-tensile steel, and it’s critical to train them the right way.

So how do you get results fast? A recent study by the American Council on Exercise has the answer. Let’s discover the 3 most effective exercises to get flat abdominals, the correct way to breathe during abdominal exercises and tips and tricks to get results faster. I have integrated these exercises to help thousands of clients get results. You can view my clients in action with exercise videos and download full color abdominal exercise routines, diet plans and ebooks by registering on my websites mentioned at the end of this article.

A California study conducted by the American Council on Exercise has determined that the classic sit-up is not the best answer for stronger, flatter abdominals. The conclusions were intriguing, to say the least. The traditional sit-up was among the least effective abdominal muscle exercises.

Sit-ups (in which you raise your trunk up from the floor with your knees straight or bent) involve the hip muscles disproportionately relative to the abdominals. This means the hip muscles work more and the abdominal muscles work less i.e they are not getting trained in the right manner. In addition, there is an unnecessary (and potentially harmful) strain on the lower back. The sit-up is not only ineffective, but potentially harmful.

There’s more, and it’s equally surprising. The study indicated that several gadgets for the abdominals were either ineffective or marginally more effective than a regular abdominal crunch, which doesn’t cost you anything, other than the time required to learn the right technique.

Now for the big news. The top three abdominal muscle exercises were:

The Bicycle maneuver. The Captains Chair. Crunch on an exercise ball.

For best results.

Start with 2-3 sets of each exercise, 8-10 repetitions. Increase by 8-10 repetitions each week till you work your way up to a set of 40 repetitions in each set. 2 sets of 35-40 repetitions a day for the abdominals is ideal, and you do not need to train more than that.

Breathing during abdominal muscle exercises.

With all abdominal muscle exercises, exhale as you contract / exert / come up / crunch your abdominals; inhale as you relax / lower / return to the starting position.

Points to remember.

1. If you have lower back injuries or pain, consult a doctor before you begin, so you don’t hurt yourself. Also see a physician if you are over 35, have been sedentary for a long time, have high blood pressure and/or cholesterol, are a smoker, have chest pains or shortness of breath or have had a joint or muscle injury.

2. It’s not the number of repetitions, but the quality and technique that gets results. Overdoing sit-ups can hurt your lower back. Besides, the best way to get those flat lower abdominal muscles is to be patient for 8-10 weeks, eat a healthy diet and do regular aerobic exercise.

Prevent Heart Disease with Fitness and Exercise

1) Fitness and exercise prevent heart disease. That is a proven fact, and yet more Americans than ever are suffering from obesity and type two diabetes are considered an epidemic in the United States. If you are overweight, and especially if you are obese, or if you’ve been diagnosed with diabetes, then listen to your doctor and begin a regular fitness and exercise program. You’ll be glad you did.

One of the benefits of fitness and exercise, as any physician will tell you, it that fitness and exercise help control blood sugar. A diabetic who takes medication daily may find that less medication is needed with a regular fitness and exercise program. Many diabetics who stay with fitness and exercise programs find that they are able to quit the medication and get their diabetes under control in a totally natural way.

Triglycerides are also too high for most Americans. High triglycerides are linked to heart disease, including heart attacks and strokes. A great natural way to reduce your level of triglycerides is to simply begin and stick with a fitness and exercise program, while eating a sensible diet. Triglycerides at too high a level are also linked to high blood sugar, and it is common for diabetics to have high triglyceride levels. Therefore, in this case fitness and exercise can take care of two potential health risks at the same time.

Many people have marveled at the way being over weight has become an American way of life, and wondered what caused it. Many point to sedentary lifestyles, working in front of computers, and watching too much television. In addition, many Americans eat diets high in fat and carbohydrates. Whatever the root causes fitness and exercise can be a major part of the cure for this problem. Engaging in physical activity, increasing the heart rate, and just getting active can help a person loose weight, control triglyceride levels and improve diabetes and should not be ignored. Parents should restrict time spent by children with video games or watching television and encourage them to engage in fitness and exercise the way children in past generations have, playing games like baseball, basketball and jump rope. Children who learn the benefits of fitness and exercise at an early age will go into adults, who enjoy fitness and exercise, lead healthier lifestyles and tend to live longer, healthier and obviously happier lives.

2) Fitness and Exercise Gain Popularity

Fitness and exercise are gaining popularity in our culture for many reasons. Reactions against the sedentary lifestyles Americans have lived for decades, a rash of type two diabetes with people engaging in fitness and exercise to improve their conditions, parents encouraging youngsters to get up and away from the television and work out, and the baby boomers, pursuing fitness and exercise as they age, to allow them to enjoy their advanced years. Regardless of the reasons, many Americans take fitness and exercise very seriously.

Ways, in which Americans engage in fitness and exercise activities are varied and show the diversity of both the population and their interests. Many people go to gyms or athletic clubs. Others participate in sports events that they enjoy. Fitness and exercise activities can include bowling, racquet sports like squash, golf, summer softball leagues, horseshoes, hiking, horseback riding, and many other fun things to do. Fitness and exercise activities in American have many faces.

One of the most popular fitness and exercise activities is simply walking. Many people of all ages enjoy taking a brisk walk every day. This simple fitness and exercise activity can be done by almost anyone. So many Americans are walking these days that magazines are published devoted to the activity. Generally Americans are not as organized as their European cousins when in comes to walking. In Germany, one of the most popular weekend fitness and exercise activities is the volksmarch, or people’s march. When a volksmarch occurs, people of all ages gather together to take a day long, or half day long walk through a town or a country location, stopping to share a meal along the way. They combine fitness and exercise with social activity, and everyone has a great time.

Americans may not be ready for the volksmarch yet, but they find many other fitness and exercise options to their liking. Golf is more popular now than any time in history. Tennis is making a popularity comeback. Even martial arts are fitness and exercise choices for many. For Americans the important thing about fitness and exercise is to do something and make sure that the something you do is something you enjoy. Fitness and exercise will lead to a longer and healthier life, and give a great deal of fun to the participants along the way.

3) Fitness and Exercise– Can Extend Life

Physical fitness and exercise can extend life, and perhaps fitness that is even more beneficial and exercise can ensure that a person’s years of life are more productive, more pleasant, and more enjoyable, and who would not want their years of life to be enjoyable? Fitness and exercise seem like a small price to pay for such great rewards.

The first step in a fitness and exercise program is in deciding what type of exercise you enjoy. Fitness and exercise needs to become a lifestyle and that are more likely to happen if you engage in activities you consider fun. Do you enjoy swimming, hiking, walking, running, racquetball, tennis, golf, or any other sports? Are you the type of person who enjoys lifting weights, or using the Stairmaster machine at the local gym? Everyone has different tastes when it comes to fitness and exercise. Deciding on the activity that is right for you is the first step.

Next, make sure that you don’t overdue it. Many people rush into a fitness and exercise program and over due it the first day, leading to sore muscles and aching backs. When that happens, they are much less likely to continue their fitness and exercise program. Moderation is important in a fitness and exercise program. Also, if you are extremely out of shape when you begin your activity, you need to start out at a slower place than you would if you were moderately in shape. If possible, get advice from your doctor or another healthcare professional or physical fitness instructor before beginning your fitness and exercise program, and find out what is right for you. For many people ten minutes of brisk walking every other day is enough to get started. This can gradually be advanced to fifteen minutes, and then twenty. The important thing with fitness and exercise is to stay with it. The more you do, over time, the more “in shape” you will become and the more you’ll be able to do. Right now six months seems like a long time, but if you begin a fitness and exercise program now, six months will come and go quickly and you’ll see a noticeable difference in your fitness level, your stamina and the way you feel.

4) Fitness and Exercise and the Older Adult
Fitness and exercise are not just for children and young people. Older adults can reap mountains of benefits from becoming engaged in a regular program promoting fitness and exercise, and many older adults are doing so. In fact more older adults are taking fitness and exercise seriously now than in recent decades.

Mall walking is a popular fitness and exercise activity for older adults. Brisk walking is one of the best forms of exercise people can do for themselves. Shopping malls offer consistent temperature and protection from the elements. If it is snowing or sleeting outside, you can still walk in the mall, getting all the benefits of a fitness and exercise program without having to brave inclement weather.

Swimming is another popular fitness and exercise method many older adults enjoy. Swimming exercises every muscle in the body, but is easy on the knees and joints. While many older adults enjoy swimming laps, others have incorporated water-based calisthenics into their fitness and exercise programs, with great results.

The baby boom generation of Americans is getting older, with many baby boomers now reaching retirement age. This generation though is different from preceding generations. Baby boomers tend to live longer, and are more concerned about health. More baby boomers watch their diets, try to control their weight and make fitness and exercise a regular part of their lives than older Americans have in past generations. Add to that the advancements made in medical treatments and these baby boomers can expect to live for many years to come. Fitness and exercise will continue to play a major role in their lives.

Of course, fitness and exercise are not the only factor to be concerned with. Diet also plays a part. A high fiber diet, with most carbohydrates coming from whole grains and protein coming from more lean portions of meat to limit fat also contribute to health. When proper diet and fitness and exercise are linked the result more often than not is a healthy person, no matter what the age. Combining fitness and exercise with proper nutrition is a win win situation for everyone involved.

5) Fitness and Exercise For Children

Fitness and exercise are important. We all know that, and had that lesson drummed into our heads in school. But, how much attention do we pay to our children when it comes to fitness and exercise? In our modern day, too many children spend the majority of their time either on the couch in front of the television, or in their rooms on a computer or playing a video game. Fitness and exercise, a natural part of childhood in past generations, is something that the modern child and the modern parent have to work at on a daily basis.

If your child is lacking in fitness and exercise think about enrolling your child in an after school sports program of some sort. Soccer is a popular fitness and exercise method, and in the proper season so is hockey, softball, baseball, lacrosse, football, tennis, and even golf. Many parents find that their children enjoy swimming and as one of the best methods of fitness and exercise in the world, swimming should be encouraged. This can be simple playing or exercising in the water, or formal swimming laps in an Olympic sized pool. Both methods of fitness and exercise are great.

Those who live in rural areas may find fitness and exercise to be easier to come by than those who live in urban areas or in the suburbs. In a rural area, a child has fields to play in, woods to explore, and sports like fishing, as well as chores like feeding livestock. For the rural lifestyle fitness and exercise is more ingrained. For children living in the city, fitness and exercise can be explored at the nature center, at the Y or health club, and with after school activities. Even simple games like four squares and playing with a jump rope can be good forms of fitness and exercise.

Wintertime seems to be a time when many people, both children and adult, forsake their fitness and exercise programs. That is too bad because that makes it all that much harder to get back into shape when spring comes around. Fitness and exercise is something that should be pursued all year long. During the winter sports that keep a person indoors, like bowling, are good choices. Also indoor health clubs and activities like mall walking in groups are good choices for fitness and exercise. Whether a person is a child or an adult, fitness and exercise should not be overlooked.

6) The Key to a Strong Body

No one can argue that exercise is an important factor in not only the weight loss battle but also the larger war on a healthy body. Regular exercise ensures a person will suffer from fewer ailments, feel stronger, and in many cases live longer.

Exercise isn’t all about running a mile, or doing one-hundred sit-ups to obtain a toned and trimmed stomach. It’s also about overall fitness. Conditioning the body as a whole including the muscles and most importantly the heart muscle is a key piece in the healthy body puzzle.

Regular aerobic exercise is fundamental in keeping our hearts working exactly the way nature intended. This could include jogging, running, walking, cycling, or even swimming. Keeping the heart rate elevated for a prescribed amount of time is vital in building up the muscle of the heart. Doing this daily or even several times per week is an important first step in the journey to overall fitness.

Many younger people find fitness as a great fringe benefit behind enjoyment when they are participating in their favorite activity. Snowboarding and skateboarding have become extremely popular and the fitness benefits are substantial. Many muscles of the body are worked while these sports are enjoyed and the participants are not only having fun but also working out at the same time.

For those less adventurous a walk is a perfect alternative. Even a daily trip around the local park with the family dog is doing your body good. It’s working out your thighs, your buttocks and of course your heart. Many physically fit people depend on walking as their core daily exercise activity. Normally starting slow, it’s not unusual for people to find such enjoyment in getting out into the fresh air to stretch their legs, that the walks become longer and longer until they realize that it’s turned from a short stint to a few mile hike.

Swimming is one activity that almost everyone enjoys. It’s a great way to get fit for people of all ages. Youngsters can be enrolled in swimming classes, which are not only educational, but also a wonderful way for them to exercise in a fun environment. For older children, hanging out at the swimming pool with friends gives them the exercise that they otherwise might not be getting. For adults swimming can be an important factor in their overall fitness. The water can be soothing for those who suffer from knee or joint pains. For older folks it affords them the chance to stretch and strengthen their bodies without the stress of some of the more strenuous exercise regimens.

7) Your Fitness Factor
A healthy body is what most people are striving for. We are inundated constantly with images of slender, toned people. Be it on television or on a billboard as we’re driving down the street. Fitness isn’t all about the weight that the scale says or the dress or trouser size you wear. Fitness is about how healthy you are.

Exercise is vital in the quest for body fitness. Many people join a gym for the convenience of having all the equipment they feel they need to work out. There are machines there to strengthen and tone every muscle in your body. With the onset of personal trainers, the process can be almost effortless. In that case, the exerciser is given a prescribed routine of exercise that will help them achieve the fitness level and body weight that they desire.

Fitness and exercise aren’t restricted to the confines of a gym. Any type of movement can be considered exercise. By taking those movements, a step further a person can work towards their own personal fitness goal.

For a person who lives in an apartment building, the decision of whether to take the stairs or the elevator might seem inconsequential, but those steps up to their floor everyday equal a leg workout. Choosing to hike it up the flight of steps gives not only the legs a chance to stretch, but it also gives the heart a chance to beat faster. By choosing this everyday, the body would begin to respond in a positive way.

The same can be said for walking as opposed to driving. Often when a destination is close people feel inclined to get in their car and drive there and then drive the route back. Lacing up a pair of walking shoes and heading out the door on foot is considered exercise and the benefits aren’t only restricted to the gasoline that will be saved. The entire body will feel the results and if that walk is taken several times a week, perhaps even daily, the fitness level of that person increases.

Exercise can occur in almost every environment. It’s up to the health-conscious person to grab those moments and seize them. By mowing the lawn, the legs and arms are being worked out. Carrying the laundry is akin to lifting lightweights and chasing a toddler eventually equals a few laps around the running track. Paying attention to these same details and using them to their fitness advantage will result in so many health benefits.

8) Fitness and Exercise – 3 Reasons to sweat it

If you wonder, what the benefits are to a regular exercise fitness routine then think a total body fitness that includes mental too. Exercising is what most people dread to do. It seems a chore, or at the least an aggravation. However, read about some of the real benefits of doing the chore of having an exercise fitness program that you can follow to enjoy a healthier, happier and a more productive life. In the long run you won’t regret following a healthy exercise fitness routine.

The following list is only a few of the health benefits that you’ll gain by using an exercise program for your fitness needs. Remember though if you’ve got special health needs or concerns talk with your doctor before starting any exercise schedule. Fitness is the goal, not complicating or making worse any preexisting conditions.

1. Heart Performance. The heart is a muscle and if it isn’t properly maintained through exercise, it’ll become sluggish and useless. The heart pumps needed oxygenated blood cells for the circulatory system. This aids the liver, spleen, and kidneys to easily clean the blood and prevent infection. Exercise for the heart will keep its arteries and veins clean, and reduce the risk of heart attack or stroke.

2. Muscle Tone. Suppleness of the major and minor muscles is improved when an exercise fitness plan is used daily. By strengthening the legs and stomach, the back receives support to do the heavy lifting, bending and turning. Greater flexibility is gained too in all three areas. A good exercise program of fitness only gets getting muscle tone.

3. Mental Stimulation. The brain is mentally stimulated when exercising. Because the body is made up of chemical components, exercise invigorates the brain by making it produce more. There are feel good endorphins that give you a natural emotional state of happiness and well-being. Mental depression is helped when with combined with medication. In fact at times a fitness exercise routine is all that is needed to combat depression.

As you can read these three reasons to sweat it is enough reason begin and follow a fitness exercise program. Other benefits are numerous too such as joint flexibility, and improvement for any eye conditions that you have. Consider too that you can ward off by slowing down the affects of any future problems that may develop with your eyes. You never know when diabetes can hit, and because the eyes contain tiny blood vessels, diseases like diabetes affect your eyesight.

9) Exercise and Fitness – 5 Outdoor Tips on Walking to Slimness
Feeling like that you need to loose a few pounds, and you never want to find them again? But you don’t like an exercise regime of push ups and abdominal crunches. Well take into consideration a fitness exercise routine of walking. In the past it was man kinds only form of transportation. So take a peek at 5 tips on how to walk, and what physical benefits you’ll get with an exercise fitness plan.

You’ll need to prepare to train your mind to stick with a new fitness and exercise program. If you’re looking to loose weight then you’ll need a good surface to travel on. You’ll also need to have some reliable shoes, and a reasonable distance of walking area. By taking on an exercise program for fitness, the pounds will melt away. Remember though people loose weight in different amounts, and at different places on their body. Check out these tips on how to walk for your exercise fitness routine.

1. Burn calories by slow walking. Walking slow for an exercise fitness plan causes your body to drag because of gravity. The dragging affect helps you loose weight.

2. After you loose, the desired weight that you want you can maintain it, or graduate to a fast high intensity walk. Muscle mass will take the place of the saggy skin through toning. You’ll begin to see the affects of what fitness through exercise can do.

3. By making yourself participate in an exercise fitness course daily, and drinking lots of water your kidneys will flush out any bacteria. Also the heart will pump at a more efficient rate.

4. Circulation to the lower leg extremities and feet with an exercise plan for fitness will improve. Whether you do a slow calorie burn walk, or one that has a quick upbeat walk. This benefit is really crucial especially for those with any disease that affects the feet.

5. Skin tone will benefit with weight loss through your fitness exercise course of attack for a healthy lifestyle.

Learning to stick with a routine is probably the hardest part. It takes a lot of commitment to learn a new lifestyle of fitness. Exercise has a lot of benefits and with patience and a go get them attitude – you’ll loose those pounds and never find them again. And won’t that be nice.

10) Regular fitness and exercise

Fitness and exercise are very popular and important phrases of today’s world. However, how much attention we pay to our fitness and how much hours we do exercise in a week. NOT MUCH. For us our life is job, money and home, but if forgets only fitness allow us to live happily without any disease. Still we don’t care about it and do what we like.

Those who are suffering from obesity and type two diabetes, Fitness and exercise is the best option for them. If you are overweight, and especially if you are obese, or if you’ve been diagnosed with diabetes, then listen to your doctor and begin a regular fitness and exercise program. You’ll be glad you did. Many people have marveled at the way being over weight has become an American way of life, and wondered what caused it. Many point to sedentary lifestyles, working in front of computers, and watching too much television. In addition, many Americans eat diets high in fat and carbohydrates. Whatever the root causes fitness and exercise can be a major part of the cure for this problem.

Fitness word is use for everyone whether it is a man, a woman, or a child. Everyone has to be fit and for good fitness, you may have to do exercise regularly. If your child is lacking in fitness and exercise think about enrolling your child in an after school sports program of some sort. Soccer is a popular fitness and exercise method, and in the proper season so is hockey, softball, baseball, lacrosse, football, tennis, and even golf. Many parents find that their children enjoy swimming and as one of the best methods of fitness and exercise in the world, swimming should be encouraged. This can be simple playing or exercising in the water, or formal swimming laps in an Olympic sized pool. Both methods of fitness and exercise are great.

One of the benefits of fitness and exercise, as any physician will tell you, it that fitness and exercise help control blood sugar. A diabetic who takes medication daily may find that less medication is needed with a regular fitness and exercise program. Many diabetics who stay with fitness and exercise programs find that they are able to quit the medication and get their diabetes under control in a totally natural way.


Things to Do if Your Ankle Sprain

Here is what you can do it your sprain your ankle. Take a pain reliever and anti-inflammatory medication like Ibuprofen or Naproxen to help with the pain and swelling. Elevate your injured limb and ice your ankle and wrap it with an ACE bandage. You should stay off of your ankle the first day and merely keep it iced off and on, wrapped (to reduce swelling) and elevate.

Two to three days after the injury you should begin exercising the injured ankle. If your doctor tells you it is OK to go ahead and exercise your ankle, here is a good outline of what to do.

Ice and elevate your ankle for 10-15 minutes. Then:

TOE RAISES: Keeping your knee straight, pull your toes toward you. Hold for 10-15 seconds. Repeat 10 times.

HEEL RAISES: Keeping your knee straight, point your toes away from you. Hold 10-15 seconds.

ANKLE CIRCLES: Sit either in a chair or on the floor and move your ankle from side to side and up and down and around in circles. Perform 5 to 10 circles in each direction.

SITTING and STANDING HEEL RAISES: Sit in a chair with the injured foot on the ground. Slowly raise the heel of the injured foot while keeping the toes on the ground. Return the heel to the floor. Repeat 10 times.

BALANCING: Stand and place a chair next to your uninjured foot to balance you. Initially, stand on the inured foot for 30 seconds. Slowly increase this to up to three minutes at a time.

Optimally, your should do these exercises at least 2-3 times a day to improve your function, decrease the swelling and pain, and limit the stiffness in your injured ankle joint.


Exercise Effect on The Eyes

If you scan the internet you are very likely to come across sites that claim just that – buy the program, the course, the CD-ROMs, the videos, the books and even audio tapes, then follow the exercises and your sight can be restored to normal.

It does not seem to matter whether you are short sighted (myopic), long sighted (hyperopia), or rely on bifocals, you can be old or just a child, this or that self directed eye exercise course will do the trick and if not entirely satisfied there is always a money back guarantee.

There does not seem to be any clinical evidence based on an acceptable or recognized sample size to back up the claims of the eye exercise lobby.

There is however, anecdotal evidence which is hard to verify, that a self-directed eye exercise regime has made considerable improvement or even restored perfect vision.

It should also be noted that in the State of Iowa USA, a consumer lawsuit has been filed by the state Attorney General alleging that an a company marketing a self directed eye exercise program used a combination of misleading marketing tactics, exaggerated claims of effectiveness, false implications of scientific validity and misleading consumer testimonials.

Nevertheless the practice of eye exercising to improve vision is centuries old and who are we to pass judgement on this or any other ancient therapy?

Just think of the number of times you have read or heard about a drug breakthrough brought about by a link with a traditional herbal remedy.

It was not that long ago when professional medical practitioners scoffed at the thought that a natural herbal remedy could be a cure and at best was only a placebo.

Readers may draw their own conclusions as to the merits or otherwise of the various eye exercises and their claimed benefits that will be emailed regularly to those of you who sign up to join my elite group of members, and at least will have some cost free’ knowledge of the subject.

Who knows?

If you follow an eye exercise regime diligently you could be throwing out the glasses and contacts or maybe lowering your dependency on them. Nothing ventured, nothing gained! Self directed eye exercise programs should not be confused with the practice of Vision Therapy.

To put it simply, vision therapy, sometimes called visual training, behavioural optometry or development optometry, is a combination of eye exercises and visual aids, such as tinted or corrective lenses, carried out under the supervision of a qualified eye doctor or optometrist.

The therapy is widely used on children who have a vision problem or even to treat learning difficulties.

Eye care practitioners are not united on the benefits of Vision Therapy but if you have a child whom you suspect may have a problem then you should investigate this treatment and do be sure to get more than one qualified opinion.


Walk For Exercise

As you walk, your body is constantly working to maintain your upright balance. Therefore, it is a constant balancing act, and through this, most of the muscles throughout your body, get exercised.

Often times, slight changes can equate to positive results. That is the case with the secrets I am about to share with you.

Simple Secret #1

When you walk, normally, you walk straight forward. Now however, I am going to let you in on a simple secret. Called Zig Zag Walking.

When you go out for your exercise walk, rather than walking straight forward for your entire walk, mix it up.

All you need to do, is zig and zag from the left side of the sidewalk to the right side, as you walk forward.

What you want to do, is walk about 6-10 feet forward to the left, then head 6-10 feet forward, but towards the right side of the sidewalk, and back again to the left, and so forth. The shorter distance from one side to the other, the more exercise you gain.

When you begin, you will want to gradually ease into doing it. Only spend about 10{30c47a2fe9cbdd16094705049dd613eed0ab94ebb00ac7aaee04f0f3a765fbfc} of your walk, Zig Zag Walkingtm. As your body gets used to doing it, you can continually increase your Zig Zag Walkingtm to about 75{30c47a2fe9cbdd16094705049dd613eed0ab94ebb00ac7aaee04f0f3a765fbfc} of your walk.

I recommend, you always do at least 25{30c47a2fe9cbdd16094705049dd613eed0ab94ebb00ac7aaee04f0f3a765fbfc} of your walk in the normal straight forward walking motion.

You will feel muscles being worked doing Zig Zag Walkingtm, that you don’t usually feel. By doing Zig Zag Walkingtm, you will be increasing your muscle activity.

The exciting thing about Zig Zag Walkingtm, is, it is just as easy as normal walking, (it is actually fun) and it doesn’t take any extra time. Yet, you realize increased fitness benefits.

Simple Secret # 2

Is as simple as changing your shoes.

Most shoes do not allow your feet to function naturally. Due to the hard, flat surfaces we now find ourselves living on, our feet and therefore our muscles, are inhibited.

An engineer discovered, that by altering the sole of our shoes, he could give back a much more natural motion to our feet. Therefore, our muscles can function much more like we are walking in the sand. And thus, we can enjoy all the related, health and fitness benefits.


Pilates Benefits

Pilates is a form of exercise designed to give you a stronger and more toned body. It is also a plan to get healthy that can be flexible and it is painless. You do not have to worry about lifting heavy weights or spending countless hours at the gym a day. With the consist practice of Pilates your body will seem to become more energized and your health will improve on an over-all basis. Many people find that after ten or so sessions they will begin to feel somewhat a difference and within a month, everyone will see a difference too.

Pilates is also a form of exercise that allows the body and muscles to be stretched, strengthened, and toned. It will eliminate tension and strain on the joints and body. Not only will Pilates help tone the body, but also it allows a person to become more mentally healthy. It will release all your bad energy and replace with energy that will make you feel alive and rejuvenated.

For the workout, you have over 500 exercises that you can do that are part of the Pilates program. Most workouts are not that long and are usually less than an hour. If you are just a beginner, you will most likely only learn ten exercises.

As you progress in your Pilates workouts, you will eventually learn or do all 500 exercises at some point. The more advanced the class you take is the more moves they will give you and the more your body will feel the benefits of the workouts. It is best that you stick with your routine or you will not see the results that you want. A normal person working out twice a week will seek results within a month. However, if you only do Pilates every now and then, you are not going to see the results that you would if you stuck to your routine.

There are many benefits to Pilates and it will help to make people not only stronger and healthier, but it will also help many do daily functions that they normally had a hard time with. Some of these things may include picking up their children, doing lawn work, and many other things. This is just a few of the daily things that can be achieved from doing this type of exercise.


Exercise Before Meal

A study suggested that taking a long walk before a fatty meal can reduce the effects of high fat intake on blood vessel function. Eating food high in fats transiently increase fat and triglycerides levels of the blood. A recent research showed that a rich meal could temporarily impair the function of the endothelium (inner lining of blood vessels).

Another study reported that moderate exercise could blunt these effects in both thin and obese middle-aged men. In this study, 20 men ate a rich meal including whipping cream, chocolate and a whopping 80 g of fat under different conditions. In one condition, the men walked 90 minutes on the treadmill the day before meal. In another, there was no exercise.

Researchers found that the men’s post-meal triglycerides levels rose to lesser degree when they exercised before the meal. Moreover, better blood vessel function was found as compared with that with no exercise. Researchers could not clearly figure out how pre-meal exercise could counter the effects of fatty meal. However, they suggested that activity may help lowering blood fat levels, giving less opportunity to fat particles to interact with the blood vessel walls.

The duration of exercise need not be very long. The researchers further pointed out that shorter exercise sessions might also be helpful for the blood vessel function. It was previously found that 30 minutes of activity could lower post-meal blood fat levels.

Exercise can lower the risk of developing heart disease as well as other diseases. It is a healthy lifestyle that should not be ignored. If time permitted (or rather you should force yourself to squeeze some time out of your “busy schedule”), take up a simple program: walk for 3 km or 5000 steps per day, at least 5 times a week. And if you do believe the findings from the above studies, schedule it before meal.