Walk For Exercise

As you walk, your body is constantly working to maintain your upright balance. Therefore, it is a constant balancing act, and through this, most of the muscles throughout your body, get exercised.

Often times, slight changes can equate to positive results. That is the case with the secrets I am about to share with you.

Simple Secret #1

When you walk, normally, you walk straight forward. Now however, I am going to let you in on a simple secret. Called Zig Zag Walking.

When you go out for your exercise walk, rather than walking straight forward for your entire walk, mix it up.

All you need to do, is zig and zag from the left side of the sidewalk to the right side, as you walk forward.

What you want to do, is walk about 6-10 feet forward to the left, then head 6-10 feet forward, but towards the right side of the sidewalk, and back again to the left, and so forth. The shorter distance from one side to the other, the more exercise you gain.

When you begin, you will want to gradually ease into doing it. Only spend about 10{30c47a2fe9cbdd16094705049dd613eed0ab94ebb00ac7aaee04f0f3a765fbfc} of your walk, Zig Zag Walkingtm. As your body gets used to doing it, you can continually increase your Zig Zag Walkingtm to about 75{30c47a2fe9cbdd16094705049dd613eed0ab94ebb00ac7aaee04f0f3a765fbfc} of your walk.

I recommend, you always do at least 25{30c47a2fe9cbdd16094705049dd613eed0ab94ebb00ac7aaee04f0f3a765fbfc} of your walk in the normal straight forward walking motion.

You will feel muscles being worked doing Zig Zag Walkingtm, that you don’t usually feel. By doing Zig Zag Walkingtm, you will be increasing your muscle activity.

The exciting thing about Zig Zag Walkingtm, is, it is just as easy as normal walking, (it is actually fun) and it doesn’t take any extra time. Yet, you realize increased fitness benefits.

Simple Secret # 2

Is as simple as changing your shoes.

Most shoes do not allow your feet to function naturally. Due to the hard, flat surfaces we now find ourselves living on, our feet and therefore our muscles, are inhibited.

An engineer discovered, that by altering the sole of our shoes, he could give back a much more natural motion to our feet. Therefore, our muscles can function much more like we are walking in the sand. And thus, we can enjoy all the related, health and fitness benefits.